Special Forces Construction and the Community

Of all the possible causes or organizations that Special Forces has chosen to support, those that represent America's true heroes and best citizens, her veterans are nearest and dearest to our hearts. Our Servicemen and women routinely give their lives for our freedom. And we see this as an important American issue. In light of our own beginnings both as proud sons and daughters of WWII, Korean War, Vietnam veterans and survivors we want to promote, empathize and express our gratitude for those that shared their lives for our great country.

Just one of the examples of our civic involvement is the opening of the Road to Victory Military Museum in Memorial Park, the Stuart Memorial Day and Veterans Day Parades. Special Forces, along with the Veterans Council, has sponsored, produced and organized these parades, as well as veteran and military vehicle displays at the Stuart Air Show.  If you would like to learn more about these events or would like to participate please call Special Forces for details.

Special Forces is dedicated to supporting and enriching our community by getting involved, not just in Martin County, but also in our neighboring counties along the Treasure Coast.