The detection and remediation of concrete deterioration has become an industry unto itself. The source of the problem is primarily attributable to the brutal environment of South Florida, particularly along the coast. The air has a high content of humidity, and also a high content of calcium chloride (salt). Most hi-rise and mid-rise buildings are constructed of either pre-cast or poured-in-place concrete. In both cases, concrete is a porous substance. When the "skin" (paint surface) of the building is not waterproof, the concrete absorbs the moisture and the salt from the air. This causes the steel reinforcing bars ("rebar") to rust. When steel rusts, it expands. This then causes the concrete to break away from the building, commonly known as "spalling." By the time significant spalling is detected, there is often significant damage already done to the reinforcing steel structure of the building.

The complexities of structural repair and protection of concrete demand specialized expertise and a full-range of service capabilities. By applying new technologies to well-established repair principles, SPECIAL FORCES partners with owners and engineers to safely deliver cost-effective solutions. We draw from our many years of experience to perform the optimum repair that best meets project needs.

In the commercial and public markets, we offer solutions applicable to the repair of structures including buildings, high-rise structures, parking structures, plaza decks, and historic structures. Our experienced, highly skilled technicians repair spalled concrete surfaces, seal leaking cracks and joints, and apply coatings and linings.

Concrete repair replaces defective, damaged or deteriorated concrete, restores structural function, protects itself or underlying concrete from aggressive environments and restores any lost performance requirements.

Concrete repair problems are diverse in nature. Each condition requires a clear understanding of what is expected of the repair including appearance, protection needs and load carrying requirements.

An effective repair strategy must draw from a variety of repair materials, each having an installation technique that best suits both the material and the strategy. Some examples of the techniques utilized are: Dry Mix Shotcrete, Dry Packing, Form & Cast-in-Place, Form & Pump, Full-Depth Repair, Hand Applied Repair, Overlays, and Wet Mix Shotcrete.

At SPECIAL FORCES we have the expertise to utilize specialized techniques applicable to repair or restore damaged concrete.