Special Forces Construction's


Mission statement of the Road to Victory Military Museum

It is the mission of Special Forces Restoration and Construction to honor and pay tribute to all those gallant men and women who have served and are presently serving our country in the Armed Services. The museum started as a traveling exhibit in a 1942 Fruehauf Maintenance van in remembrance of Jewel Roberts and his band of brothers who fought in WW2. This tribute included the display of historical artifacts, uniforms, militaria and photographs both historical and personal.  Through the museum we are able to continue to pay homage and respect to heroes while informing and educating the public of their noble endeavors and our freedoms as Americans.

All branches of the Armed Services are honored and recognized from WWI to present day conflicts.

Some interesting equipment at the museum include:
1942 Clarktor 6 MILL-44 heavy Clark aircraft tug
1942 Dodge WC51 Truck, Cargo, 3/4 ton, w/o Winch, Weapons Carrier
1999 Harley-Davidson MT500 Motorcycle
1943 Columbia Compax Paratrooper Bicycle
1943 WC-15 Dodge 4x4 1/2 Ton Command Car
1944 M29 Weasel a World War II tracked vehicle, built by Studebaker
1967 Army 7 Ton Airborne Shovel-Crane made by Gar Wood Industries
1968 Kaiser Jeep M725 military ambulance truck

Uniforms from WWII, canteen collections
Weaponry including a 45 caliber 1911 pistol, a folding stock carbine, WWII knives and bayonets.
Battlefield maps and reference books, signed prints, posters and movie props.

HBO mini series Band of Brothers movie prop jacket.